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Meet the Childers Roofing &                        Sheetmetal Inc. Team


Butch Childers – President

Graduate of Valdosta State College, Degree in Business Management

Butch is the one of the owners/partners of Childers Roofing & Sheet metal, Inc. and has been in the roofing/construction industry for the past 32 years. He has held is roofing contractor’s license since 1987.  Butch has been in the roofing industry in Jacksonville since 1987, working alongside his partner Paul Gibbs. Butch’s responsibilities are the overall management of the business. Butch manages the customer base, estimating and sales, company finances, and all aspects of managing the business.


Paul A. Gibbs – Vice President

Paul is one of the owners/partners of Childers Roofing & Sheet metal, Inc. and has 34 years of experience in the roofing industry.  His expertise lies in operation management and managing the field employees.  His duties include estimating, quality control, personnel supervision, and ensuring all projects meet company standards. Paul is also deeply involved in keeping close relationships with our  past customers, architects, contractors, and manufacturer's, building strong relationships will help to grow and make our business very successful.


Arnold Romano- Chief Estimator

Arnold is a Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Arnold’s 17 year experience in estimating various roofing systems have helped him to further develop thorough understanding of roof systems and their applications, climatic and weathering effects on materials and systems, and other building envelope elements. He is experienced with almost every major Roof Systems, Waterproofing Systems, Roof Coating Systems and Metal Wall Panel Systems. Arnold is a proven leader and his attention to detail and commitment to providing customers with timely responses to bid requests.


Marshall B. Hall, III- Estimator/Project Manager

Graduate of University of North Florida, Degree in Construction Management

Marshall has been a part of the roofing industry for 8 years. He works alongside Butch Childers in estimating. Marshall is involved in coordinating job specific safety plans, safety training, and jobsite safety inspection. He also is the project manager for all on-going jobs. His duties are to maintain and provide all required submittals, details, and shop drawings. His job is to coordinate with our on-site job foreman to ensure all details and specified roof systems are installed according to specifications and manufacturer requirements.


Darrell Perry - Project Manager Sheetmetal Division

Darrell is in charge of all aspects of the sheet metal for Childers Roofing, from estimating to fabrication and installation. Darrell has been involved in the sheet metal industry in Jacksonville for 35 years. He has a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of flashings, standing seam metal roofing, copper fabrication, and installations.


Tina M. Childers - Corporate Secretary/Office Manager/Human Resources

Graduate of University of North Florida, Degree in Elementary Education

Tina has been with the company for over 10 years. She is the Office Manager and in-charge of Human Resources. Her duties include overseeing daily operations, payroll, insurance, accounts payable and receivable.


Liza Allen - Administrative Assistant

Liza Allen is the Administrative Assistant and Service Coordinator for Childers Roofing. She has

been in the roofing industry for 11 years, as the Administrative Assistant her duties include, reviewing

and securing contracts, insurance certificates, Coordinating bid and job meeting calendar secures all

permits, handles all closeout documents, checks compliance for all subcontractors, handles all job

billings and invoicing. As the Service Coordinator, she receives calls for repairs, sets-up work orders,

helps with scheduling the crews, and performs all invoicing.