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All our roofs are built strictly within code compliance and manufacturing

install guidelines

Choose the roof style that is right for your home

3-tab shingles give a great selection of color while being great cost effective way to protect your roof. One con is their susceptibility of being blown away in high winds.


Architectural roofing shingles are laminated in many different styles and colors and can be made to look like wood or even slate. Choose these types of shingles for high quality and low cost.

Clay or concrete tiles give you a wide option of styles including rustic, mission, Spanish, and French styles. All styles give that elegant look and do a great job at keeping the rain out.


A metal roof costs more than a traditional asphalt shingle roof, but is much more durable and actually saves money in long-term maintenance costs.

No matter which type of roof you choose for your home, the experts at Childers Roofing & Sheet Metal will install it skillfully and safely.


Our roofing company has several core values that are central to our commitment of providing excellent customer service: Integrity, Quality, Accountability, and Safety.

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